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Success Cubed Ltd

Solutions for Planning, Reporting and Analysis

Success Cubed Ltd are IBM Partners offering implementation services for TM1

  • The technology of choice for Success Cubed Ltd is IBM's Cognos TM1.


  • TM1 is the only tool from a major vendor that supports both Planning and Reporting - Why learn and pay for two tools when one tool can perform both functions?
  • TM1 allows you to maintain your familiar spreadsheet front-end while centralising all the data in one server and handling all the consolidation, and security controls.
  • Why be limited to a two-dimensional spreadsheet when TM1 will allow you to analyse and consolidate your data in as many ways as you need, eg by Store, Product, Department, Cost, Account, Version, Currency, Measure, Time Period, etc. 
  • The addition of Named Hierarchies has added even more capability in this area.
  • Common calculations can be defined in calculation rules using meaningful names, not repeated in every spreadsheet with Excel Formula; ['Sales'] = N: ['Units'] * ['Price'] ; is a lot easier to understand than =B101*C71!
  • TM1's Multi-Cube Architecture allows you to make the Cube building blocks fit your business not the other way around. Rates such as Corporation Tax which don't vary by Product don't have to live in the same Cube as information that does vary by Product such as Sales. 
  • Lightning fast data loads, and dimension hierarchy changes, with on the fly re-consolidation and re-calculation keep your system up to date with changes in external data or the latest plans that have been entered.
  • See an interesting variance, and drill in to understand what drives it. Pivot data to understand if there is a particular product or store, etc, that is under-performing. The speed of TM1 is what allows you to follow a train of thought. You can't do this in a tool that takes minutes to run a report.
  • Scaleability - Unlike other tools, TM1 keeps performing even when faced with millions of new records a day, hundreds of thousands of elements in dimensions, and cubes with 20 or more dimensions when other tools run out of steam at 5-7!
  • Integration with the rest of the IBM Analytics family :
  • Planning Analytics Workspace presents TM1 data on the Web with advanced visualisations
  • TM1 Web automatically converts spreadsheets linked to TM1 to HTML
  • Cognos Analytics allows the creation of Dashboards and Scorecards.

Success Cubed Ltd have an extensive library of parameterised TM1 routines and other objects, that can help to kick start any development, ensuring a standardised approach which also simplifies training and maintenance. Integration with our Meta Data Management expertise helps you to manage changes to your chart of accounts while taking advantage of Named Hierarchies in Planning Analytics.